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I havent posted anything in a long time, boy o boy I should get working on this posting stuff. What am I gonna do, I am such an airhead!


Best Buddies Lunch

Today there was a Best Buddie's Lunch and it was fun. Since we have 2 lunch periods some of the buddies didnt get to see their, but it still turned out good. We made cookies in the shape of a turkey. It was much fun to go and eat lunch together. All of the buddies had fun, and made a mess. Most of us were covered in frosting. It was a really good lunch. Everyone enjoyed themselves and we played games. I wonder what we are gonna do next? Hmm, who knows, but what ever it is. I know for a fact that it is just going to bring us closer together. 

Awwww Best Buddies

Best Buddies so much fun, well so far. I am so happy it is going so well. We are having our Fund Raiser next month and we have only a few ideas on what to do. It is hard coming up with all of these ideas, and at the same time it is much fun. We are having a very good year, next monday we are going to have a Best Buddies Lunch, it is going to be a blast! We are also making cookies that look like little tukeries!! I cant wait this is gonna be so much fun!! If you have any ideas for fund raiser please let me know!!

Hey Ya!

Hey!! How are ya all!? This is my first post!!! I am going to be posting alot of stuff on here! I will post everything from fanfiction to random and odd things that are happening!  i will also be putting up everything I am doing in Best Buddies!!!! So, yup thats sums it all up! Till next time, which could be very very soon or not! Bye~Bye!



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